2023-2024 Awards Winners

The Langley Trappers held their awards Banquet on March 15th at the Lodge Steakhouse located at the George Preston Recreation Centre Here are the results:

Volunteer of the Year:
This past season, our Volunteer of the Year has generously taken on more of a leadership role.  He has been a linchpin, ensuring every off-ice official’s position is filled and arranging coverage when we were short-staffed.  He ensures he is up to date with the rules of our league and spends countless hours ensuring that all of our game night information is complete and submitted before he leaves at the end of the night.  His attention to detail and proactive approach have set a standard of excellence for our entire volunteer team.
His commitment goes beyond the game’s technicalities, and he has been a driving force behind the scenes. From assisting with setup to offering unwavering support to his fellow off-ice officials.  From the puck drop to the final buzzer, he is there, tirelessly working to make our game nights a seamless and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.
I deeply appreciate his time, dedication, and invaluable support throughout the years, particularly this past season. His passion for the Langley Trappers is evident in every action he takes, and it is an honour to present him with the well-deserved title of Volunteer of the Year for the 2024 season.
Ladies and gentlemen, the 2024 Volunteer of the Year, Mr. Gary Hoffman!


Impact Player of the Year:
Awarded to the player who has major impacts on the games played. It could be a big hit levied, multiple face-off wins, timely shot blocks, taking hits to make plays, or scoring the coveted game winning goal. This player showed exceptional work ethic and determination throughout the season. He wasn’t shy to get involved with the physical aspects of the game. He showed poise with the puck and an ability to makes plays while under pressure. He was a rookie to the team this season and was moved around on the roster from wing to center and back again. He pushed the pace of practice on a day in and day out basis. He was involved on the special teams both offensively and defensively, being utilized in all situations. He appeared in 42 Games scoring 13 goals, while gathering 17 assists for 30 Points. He also appeared in 6 playoff games scoring 2 Goals, and 2 assists for 4 Points. He also led the team in penalty minutes with 113. He also led the team with broken sticks with 18. So, his parents sent us this during playoffs just in case.
The Impact Player of the Year goes to #12 Michael Bottrell.


Guzzo’s Award for Best Teammate:
Named after Michael Guzzo, a Langley Trappers member from 2017-2020, The Best Teammate award is given to a player who gives more than just hockey talent and ability to the season. The best teammate is a dressing room guy. He is someone that is always looking to help others out and guide them through the ebbs and flows of a season and this year’s award winner did just that. With a young roster and a wave of rookies on the team, this player saw the opportunity to be a leader and to guide his teammates through situations they may not be used too. He had his hardships as well throughout the year but was never deterred and always showed up to the practices or the games putting his best efforts forward. He is a glass half full kind of guy and seldom seems to have a bad day—very consistent in his own right, exemplifying what it means to be a ‘team guy’. He finishes his second season with the Trappers appearing in 46 Games Played tallying11 Goals, 25 Assists for 36 Points.
The Guzzo Best Teammate Award goes to #19 Patrick Coopman.


Most Improved Player of the Year:
Awarded to the player who demonstrated the largest improvement throughout the season. Skating ability, shooting, pass accuracy, positional play, ice awareness, defensive zone coverage are all aspects looked at when gaging a player’s improvement. This player came to the team wanting to make an impact, develop, and learn how to be an effective everyday player for the team. This player tried out for the team this season and carved a spot for himself with continual work ethic and positivity. He was always asking questions about the game, or the theory being implied. He always put his best foot forward no matter the situation. He practiced hard, worked out intensely with Mike Thompson and played the game with grit. More than anything else he wanted to be a part of the team and help the team succeed. He finished the season with 30 Games played as a Rookie. He tallied 5 Goals and 2 Assists for 7 Points. He is an positive, interesting young man with an interesting life story and is someone who exemplifies what it means to be a Trapper.
·      The most improved player goes to #23 Markus Janssens.


Rookie of the Year:
Awarded to the top rookie on the team. This award has been won by players of every position in the past. The top rookie is a team player and heavily ingrained in the team mentality as well as success. He is a key player on the team who has worked his way up the roster to become an everyday situation player. This individual has faced adversity in his hockey career. This season, he was challenged to step out of his usual habits to become a well-rounded player. He had a lot of skills that needed to be meshed, of which he rose to the occasion. He engaged physicality, to be hard to play against both offensively and defensively. He understood the assignment and bought in to the mantra. He showed a passion for winning and wanted to be successful while carrying a weight that was something to prove and prove he did. He was immediately viewed as a leader of the team being voted by his peers an Assistant Captain. He had 3 Powerplay Goals and 6 Powerplay Assists. Further, he scored 4 Goals and 16 Assists for 20 points in 45 regular season games.
·      The Rookie of the Year is #4 Cash Dumka-Jones.


Unsung Hero of the Year:
The Unsung Hero of the Year is awarded to the player who does all the little things right. He doesn’t get enough credit for his timely plays, solid hits, aggressive forechecks, face-off wins or second assists. He is a well-liked player by his teammates, as well as the coaching staff. This player joined us after the season began but, stepped in and lead with his work ethic and positive attitude. He became a force for us all season long. He was a calm presence, as well as a guiding voice to the young players. He knows what it takes to win and was willing to sacrifice during the games to make necessary plays. He blocked shots, took hits, and structured his game from the defensive zone out. He was able to use his experience to quarterback our zone exits, powerplays, and was also a mainstay figure on the penalty kill. He finished the season with 2 Goals and 16 Assists for 18 Points in 44 Games Played.
·      The Unsung Hero is awarded to #7 Justin Sumners.


Top Defenseman of the Year:
This season the top defensemen of the year had several nominees. 6 of our 7 defensemen were rookies who all took monumental steps forward in their development, knowledge, and work ethic throughout the season. With only 122 goals against during the regular season we were one of the best defensive teams in the league which is a testament not only to our blue-line but to our goaltenders as well. This placed us 3rd overall in goals against only behind the two teams who are playing in the finals this upcoming week. This player was a major contributor in keeping the puck out of our net, while also learning how to affect the game offensively. His presence is more of a ‘steady eddy’ defenseman. But he pushed himself to join the rush and push the puck up ice. He challenged himself to get out of his comfort zone to add aspects to his game he didn’t previously have. He improved immensely in the neutral zone with tight gaps, he threw big hits, and often enjoyed a worthy net front battle. Finishing the regular season with 3 Goals, 18 Assists and 21 Points in 45 games played
The Top Defensemen is awarded to #2 Isaac Zed.


Top Forward of the Year:
Awarded to the best two way forward on the team. The top forward is a player who is responsible in all areas play. He contributes offensively as well as defensively. Has a knack for scoring as well as throwing hits and blocking shots. This player was a steadfast contributor all season. He has taken monumental strides in his defensive game. He backchecks, forechecks, can play centre or wing, is responsible on the half wall, and has vision while skating with the puck. He is a threat offensively as he enjoys going to the crease to look for loose pucks and rebounds. He also has a quick release and deceptive shot that can fool the goalie. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. He has grit and isn’t scared to through the body or mix it up. He came out of the gates hot this year gathering 9 points in the first 7 games of the season. He was utilized on the powerplay, penalty kill, and in close game moments all season long. He scored 16 Goals, gathered 15 Assists for 31 Points in 41 Games Played this season.
·      The O’Grady’s Top Forward of the Year Award goes to #17 Samuel Brown.


Wagner Award for Most Points:
The Most Points award is named after Nicholas Wagner, a Langley Trapper member during the inaugural season of 2017-2018. He was the first points production winner. The award is named after him to salute him and his teammates who trusted in our organization from day one as they laid the foundation for those who came after. It is no surprise who achieved the most points this season. He is the 3rd 17-year-old player to win this award in our franchises 7-year history. He plays a fast game with skill and finesse which is a bit of a contradiction to his personality. The coaching staff had a word count log accumulation on this player over the course of the season. In total this player spoke 83 words to the staff over 6 months. To put this into perspective he had 83 penalty minutes this season. He spent more minutes in the box then words spoken to the staff. I guess it is safe to say he was loudest when he had the puck on his stick. He finished the season with 6 Powerplay Goals, 5 Powerplay Assists, 2 short-handed Goals and 5 Game winning goals. He scored 25 Goals, 21 Assists, for 46 Points in 46 Games achieving a point per game status. In his second season as a Trapper
The Wagner Production award for Most Points goes to #21 Mason Russell.


Most Valuable Player:
Awarded to the player who truly is the most valuable. He comes up with big time plays in big time moments. He pays attention to the little details of the game and executes flawlessly. The MVP is a player who pushes the teams’ capabilities day in and day out. He is found in all aspects of the game—Powerplay, Penalty Kill, 5on5, overtime, and takes shootout shots. This year’s MVP is a veteran player. He also exemplifies what it means to be a Trapper and carries out or traditions and values on a day in and day out basis. He has a true passion for the game and loves to compete and score goals. More so, He loves to compete with his teammates. At the end of the season, He and I had a conversation and he told me this season was great for his mentality and personality. He was pushed to step out of his comfort, become more vocal, and lead by example. Wearing the ‘C’ on your chest can be a blessing and a curse. It comes with glory but also has many uncomfortable moments, but he executed his duties as the captain exceptionally well leading this young team with poise and courage. As a graduate he had 6 Power-play Goals, 8 Powerplay Assists further tallying 17 Goals, 18 Assists for 35 Points in 48 Games Played this season. He was the teams sole Iron Man.
·      The Most Valuable Player is your Captain #11 Liam Bressette.

See you for the 2024-2025 Season!

Go Trappers Go!