2022-2023 Class
The Langley Trappers graduate 7 players after a great season of Junior Hockey. This group of young men helped the team to a Regular Season Conference first place finish. Collectively, they played 698 Pacific Junior Hockey Games in a Langley Trappers jersey. #1 Dylan Black, #4 Jakob Nielsen, #7 Dylan Wormald, #9 Austin Ungurean, #12 Hayden Yahn, #15 Austin Moar, #17 Anthony Bosnjak are the members of the 2022-2023 graduating Class. Welcome to the Official Status of Langley Trappers Alumni!

#1 Dylan Black 

#1 Dylan Black, a Langley Native becomes only the second goalie in franchise history to graduate with the Langley Trappers. 2022-2023 was Black’s first season as a rostered player for the Langley Trappers. The organization acquired his rights in a trade during the 2019-2020 season after he played two seasons for the Aldergrove Kodiaks. Dylan took his talents to the Manitoba Junior Hockey League for two seasons playing for the Swan Valley Stampeders before returning to the Pacific Junior Hockey League to finish his 20 year old season with the Trappers. Dylan finishes his career with 79 Pacific Junior Hockey League games played and 28 Tier II Junior games played. Dylan sports a:

23W-4L-1OTL record
.918 Save %
2.17 Goals Against Average
3 Shutouts

#4 Jakob Nielsen

#4 Jakob Nielsen, a Langley Native was an Assistant Captain for 2 seasons and a 4 year Veteran. Nielsen was an integral part of the 2021-2022 Stonehouse Cup and Cyclone Taylor Cup Championship team. Jake was one of the hardest most consistent workers both on and off the ice. He was a puck moving defenseman with smooth skating abilities and an endowed hockey IQ.

Nielsens career totals are:
35 Assists
36 Points
114 PIM
116 GP

#7 Dylan Wormald
#7 Dylan Wormald, A Langley native, was a 4 year veteran, an Assistant Captain, and one of the most decorated defensemen to play for the Langley Trappers. He was a solid two way defensman who played the game hard, threw big hits, went for rushes up ice and had a knack for blocking shots. Wormald had an ability to find the open man around the net creating nice passing plays often leading to goals.

Wormalds career totals are:
19 Goals
64 Assists
83 Points
334 PIM
122 GP

Wormald is:
Franchise All-Time Penalty In Minutes leader with 334
5th in Franchise All Time Assists with 64
5th in Franchise All Time Games Played with 122
8th in Franchise All Time Points with 83

#9 Austin Ungurean#9 Austin Ungurean, a Langley native, was a 4 Year Veteran and a second year Assistant Captain. Austin was an integral part of the Stonehouse Cup and Cyclone Taylor Cup Championship in 2021-2022. He was an all around player who could switch from centre to right wing. He was a Penalty Kill specialist, a hard working forechecker, a physical presence and a shot blocker. Ungurean was a leader on and off the ice often showing the younger players the way.

Ungureans career totals were:
15 Goals
30 Assists
45 Points
28 PIM
125 GP

Austin Ungurean is 4th in Franchise All Time Games Played with 125

#12 Hayden Yahn#12 Hayden Yahn, a Langley native was a 4 year Veteran. He was an integral part in the Stonehouse Cup and Cyclone Taylor Cup Championship in 2021-2022. Yahn was a heart and soul type player. He was always willing to sacrifice his body for the betterment of the team. He was an Assistant Captain in 2021-2022 and the team Captain in 2022-2023. He finishes the 2022-2023 season as the team point leader with 25 Goals, 33 Assists, and 58 Points.

Yahn’s career totals were:
48 Goals
49 Assists
97 Points
107 PIM
133 GP

Yahn is:
4th Franchise All Time Points with 97
4th Franchise All Time Goals with 48
2nd Franchise All Time Points Per Season with 58
4-way tie for 2nd Franchise All Time Goals Per Season with 25
2-way tie for 1st Franchise All Time Games Played with 133
4th Franchise All Time Assists Per Season with 33

#15 Austin Moar

#15 Austin Moar is a 5 year Pacific Junior Hockey League Veteran. He is a second year Langley Trappers Veteran who joined the team last season at the trade deadline. Austin was an integral part in the Stonehouse Cup and Cyclone Taylor Cup Championship during the 2021-2022 season. Austin is a glue guy. He was a hard working leader both on and off the ice. He was always willing to get better while taking the younger players under his wing. Austin will be hard to replace.

Austin career totals are:
26 Goals
36 Assists
62 Points
343 PIM
123 GP

Austin is 2nd in Franchise Single Season Penalty Minutes with 143

#17 Anthony Bosnjak#17 Anthony Bosnjak, a Langley Native, was a 4 Year Veteran, Stonehouse Cup Game winning Goal scorer in 2021-2022,  and Cyclone Taylor Cup Champion. He was a good dressing room guy beloved by his teammates. He was a Power-Play threat every night, and talented offensive player.

Bosnjak career totals are:
39 Goals
44 Assists
83 Points
173 PIM
115 GP

2021-2022 Class

The Langley Trappers graduate four 20-year-old players after stellar season and Championship victory. The Langley Trappers had the ultimate send off for their graduating players who all played an instrumental role in the team success throughout the course of the year. #2 Forward Brendan O’Grady, #3 Defeseman Evan Clare, #26 Defenseman Benjamin Weys, and #29 Goaltender Caedon Bellmann are the players a part of the 2022 graduating class. Welcome to the official status of Langley Trappers Alumni!

#2 Brendan O’Grady

#2 Brendan O’Grady, A Langley native, O’Grady has been a member of the Trappers for four seasons while also appearing in 16 BCHL games. He joined the team as an energy player who liked to hit and get underneath his opponents skin. He quickly became one of the more skilled players and was utilized in all areas including Power Play, Penalty Kill and 5on5.

In 2021-2022 O’Grady tallied:
• 58 Games Played
• 28 Goals
• 33 Assists
• 61 Points
• 87 PIM

O’Grady’s career totals are:
• 142 Games Played
• 70 Goals
• 72 Assists
• 156 Points
• 254 PIM

O’Grady is:
• 1st overall in Franchise All-Time Goals with 70
• 1st overall in Franchise All-Time Playoff Points with 34
• 2nd overall in Franchise All-Time Points with 156
•3rd overall in Franchise All-Time Assists with 86
•4th overall in Franchise All-Time PIM with 254
•3rd overall in Franchise All-Time Games Played with 142
•3rd Overall in Franchise All-Time Points Per Game with a 1.13 Average.

*these numbers do not include Cyclone Taylor Cup totals*

Without a doubt he is one of the most decorated players to dawn the Blue and Cream. O’Grady joins the likes of Braden Warburton, Casey Whintors, Evan Clare, and Carter Graham as one of the most decorated Langley Trappers of all time.

#3 Evan Clare#3 Evan Clare. Evan appeared in games over the last five seasons for the club. He has been one of the best all around defensemen who contributed in all aspects of the game. Earlier this season, Evan became the Franchise Record leader for Games Played with 150! Evan grew his overall totals to 171 Games Played at the end of the season.
Clare is also currently tied with Brendan O’Grady for the Franchise Record of most Playoff Games Played at 38.

Clare’s overall totals are:
•171 games played
•3 Goals
•29 Assists
•32 Points
•80 PIM

Evan Clare goes down in the history books as one of the Greatest Langley Trapper defensemen of all-time! Thank you for your dedication to the team and for all the hard work you showcased day in and day out.

#26 Benjamin Weys#26 Benjamin Weys. Benjamin was acquired by the Trappers at the start of the ‘20-‘21 season from the Aldergrove Kodiaks. Weys has been a steady and solid Defensemen since dawning the Trappers blue and cream. Over his junior hockey career he has played games for the North Vancouver Wolf Pack, the Visby Roma Swedish Elite U20 team, the Aldergrove Kodiaks, and the Langley Trappers.

Weys accumulated:
• 82 Games Played
• 5 Goals
•15 Assists
• 20 Points
• 24 PIM

Weys was the difference maker in the Cyclone Taylor Cup Gold Medal game against the Delta Ice Hawks scoring the go ahead goal eventually leading the Trappers to a 4-2 victory. Thank you Benjamin for giving your all to the Trappers over the last few years!

#29 Caedon Bellmann#29 Caedon Bellmann. This was Bellmann’s first season in Langley after stops in Both the KIJHL with the North Okanagan Knights and in the VIJHL with the Saanich Predators. He joined the team in the off season and was eager to get going. He was a staple-piece for the team in between the pipes appearing in 27 games while sporting a 16W 8L 0T record. Caedon provided the team with a steady performances and a stable 20 year old presence between the pipes often showing poise and calmness through close games throughout the season.

Bellmann finished the season with:
• 1,389 minutes played
• 4 Shutouts
• .907 SV%
• 2.85 GAA

Thanks for your dedication, work ethic, and character you brought to work every day!

2020-2021 Class

The Langley Trappers graduate four 20 year old players whom of which are the most decorated players in franchise history. The staff at the Langley trappers want to wish Carter, Braden, Casey, and Brandon all the best in the years to come. Welcome to the official status of Langley Trappers Alumni!

#18 Carter Graham
#18 Carter Graham played four seasons with the Trappers and was a fan favourite and local product. He accumulated 134 points over 132 games played. With 55 goals and 79 assists, he was always a threat with the puck on his stick. Graham also accumulated 8 goals, 5 assists for 13 points in 22 playoff games over the four years. He was a mainstay on the power play usually as a net front of bumper player. He loved going into the corners and throwing his body around. Thank you for your time and energy Carter! Best of luck in your future endeavours. 

#10 Braden Warburton#10 Braden Warburton played four seasons with the Trappers and leads the team in Defensemen goals, assists, overall points, minutes played, and games played. He was a fun player to watch and loved to throw his body around. He mastered the hip check sending players skates flying through the air. He played the game honest and could skate like the wind. Warburton accumulated 18 goals, 71 assists, for a total of 89 points in 112 regular season games. He was the quarterback on the power play and made hard plays look simple every game. He also accumulated 2 goals and 18 assists in 20 playoff games making him a point a game playoff player when the pressure was on. Thank you for your time and energy Braden! Best of luck in your future endeavours. 

#8 Casey Whintors#8 Casey Whintors played four seasons with the Langley Trappers and 5 seasons total in the Pacific Junior Hockey League. Casey is the Trappers all-time leader in goals, assists, points, power play points, games played, and time on ice. Casey was a smart player who had great vision and play making abilities. He was always a threat with the puck on his stick and was usually double teamed by opponents. Casey accumulated 65 goals, 92 assists, and 157 points in 141 career regular season games for the Trappers. Whintors also tallied 9 goals and 12 assists in 19 career playoff games over his four years of dawning the Trappers logo. Casey will be hard to replace on the power play where he thrived with time, patience, and poise. Thank you for your time and energy Casey! Best of luck in your future endeavours.

#13 Brendan Rexhepi#13 Brandon Rexhepi is last but not least. Rexhepi also played four seasons with the Langley Trappers and will be greatly missed. He was one of the smartest players to dawn the Trappers jersey. He was well liked by his teammates, the fans, parents, and volunteers of the organization. Rexhepi was an assistant captain for a season and was named the teams Captain during the 2019-2020 season. He is our first Captain to graduate as a 20 year old. Rexhepi tallied 19 goals, 29 assists, and 48 points in 121 career games for the Trappers over the four seasons. He also scored 3 goals, 7 assists, for 10 points in 21 playoff games. Rexhepi will be missed, but we wish him the best. Thank you for your time and energy Brandon! Best of luck in your future endeavours.

2019-2020 Class
No Graduates

2018-2019 Class

#15 Trevor Sundher
#15 Trevor Sundher is the first ever Langley Trappers Graduating Player. He came to the Trappers from the Surrey Knights in the 2017-2018 season. He put up 5 Goals and 6 Assists for 11 points in tot as a 19 year old. During the 2018-2019 season Sunder appeared in 41 games tallying 12 Goals and 14 Assists for 26 points. He also had a stellar playoff appearing in 15 games scoring 5 Goals and 3 Assists for 8 points overall. Trevor played 68 games for the Trappers in his two years and was an instrumental piece in the Langley Trappers Playoff finals birth in only the teams second year of competition. Thank you for your time and efforts as a Trapper Trevor Sundher. Best of luck in your future endeavours.

2017-2018 Class
No Graduates