2024 Salute to Two Graduating Players

The Langley Trappers would like to take a moment to honour our graduating players. This season, we graduate two young men from Junior hockey and thank them for their time with the club.

         He spent most of his time in the Pacific Junior Hockey League with the Port Moody Panthers and was honoured as an assistant captain this season. He appeared in 124 Games while tallying 49 Goals, 44 Assists, for a total of 93 Points over three seasons. Then he joined the Trappers finishing the regular season with 9 games played tallying 4 Goals and 4 Assists for 8 Points. These numbers total 133 regular season games played, 53 Goals, 48 Assists for a total of 101 Points! He became an exciting player to watch down the stretch of the regular season and the playoffs. He added a veteran presence to our young team and fit into the dynamic immediately. Our only regret would be 3 Goals and 2 Assists or 5 Points he tallied against us over the three years in the league. We should have traded for him sooner.

Thank you for your dedication to the game and for joining us this season #9 Austin Todd!

The Second graduating player spent over 5 seasons with the Trappers. He was an affiliate during the 2019-2020 season stepping into 6 games scoring his first PJHL goal while gathering another 3 Assists for 4 Points. He weathered the covid year playing in four games before the season was cancelled yet showed up to every practice every day for the next 5 months. He was an Iron Man during the 2021-2022 season, playing in all 44 games. That same year he was a major part of the Cyclone Taylor Cup Championship team appearing in 13 playoff games and all 4 Cyclone Taylor Cup games. Last season he hit his career high single season points totals with 15 Goals, 24 Assists for 39 Points in 46 Games Played. This season he achieved Iron Man status for the second time in his junior career. He finishes his Juniors with a Trappers franchise record of 148 Games Played. He tallied 43 Goals, 57 Assists for 100 Regular Season Points. He also appeared in 27 Playoff games tallying 3 Goals, 8 Assists for 11 points. His presence in the dressing room and on the ice will be greatly missed.

He was the 2023-2024 team Captain #11 Liam Bressette!

Go Trappers Go!